About Media of Nebraska

Media of Nebraska is a non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation that was formed in 1977 by members of the broadcast and print media to purely and jointly pursue freedom of information through open meetings and public records as mandated by the statutes of Nebraska law.  Our work is focused on supporting our member journalists’ task of serving as a watchdog for the citizens of Nebraska, by monitoring and acting on legislative matters that may impact freedom of information through state, county and municipal government entities and political subdivisions.  We are a nonpolitical organization and make no contributions to the campaigns of any person running for any elected office nor to any organized parties that may support candidates for elected office.

Media of Nebraska Members

Our membership is comprised of the Omaha World-Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska Broadcasters Association, Nebraska Press Association and the Nebraska Daily Publishers Association.

Media of Nebraska Officers

Dave Bundy
Lincoln Journal Star

Vice President/Secretary
Jim Timm
Nebraska Broadcasters Association

Allen Beermann
Nebraska Press Association

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