Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the Press is one of your Five Freedoms protected under the First Amendment. It protects the right to report news or circulate opinions without censorship from any form of government or law. This includes information you gather from news programs, newspapers, books and magazines, or social media. 

Not only does this critical right allow people to gather news, information and opinions from a variety of mediums, but a free media also acts as a watchdog with the capability to report on government wrongdoings.

This right is not limited to major news programs and mainstream sources. It also protects you in obtaining and sharing information without penalty. Freedom of the Press exposes ideas and opinions based on facts, research and credible sources to inform ordinary citizens.


Only 14% of Americans were able to name Freedom of the Press as one of the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.1

The First Amendment protects these five freedoms equally.

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